As an IT leader in a public agency it’s critical that your network delivers data safely and at speed. Citizens, colleagues and peers with whom you share data all depend on this stable flow of information. Chances are you also need to handle data streams from IOT devices. With so much happening outside the traditional perimeter it makes sense to move critical applications to the cloud.

Combining SD-WAN and SSE unshackles your network from legacy constraints. It guarantees consistent connectivity and safe offsite access and keeps you one step ahead of new cyber threats. By automating security checks and centralising control into a single dashboard you free up your team to focus less on fixes and more on strategy, multiplying the value of your work.
“By 2024, 80% of SD-WAN deployments will incorporate security service edge (SSE). Organisations that pursue SD-WAN and SSE independently can technically integrate them but may be missing out on the promise of the SASE framework: the convergence of networking and security.”
Andrew Lerner, Vice President in Gartner Research
North, in partnership with SD-WAN leaders Aruba, delivers you network security without compromise. As citizens go digital, work goes hybrid and workloads move to the cloud we have what it takes to secure your network at the edge.
It’s time for networking and security functions to converge
Bring best-of-breed SD-WAN and SSE to all users, including a “branch of one,” wherever and however they access the network.
Security and networking are merging
See how network security requirements need to shift as remote working and IoT accelerate moves to the cloud.
Multi-cloud connectivity
Why settle for ‘good enough’ SDWAN and adequate network security when you can go best-of-breed SD-WAN with market-leading vendors?
A best practice guide
In a cloud first world, government agencies must transform their WAN and security architectures to support work from anywhere and digital transformation.
It Starts with a Coffee
Book a free network consultation with North’s dedicated SD-WAN team and warm up for your call with a £10 voucher from Starbucks.
North is a Gold Aruba partner and has over 40 years of experience designing, deploying, and supporting complex network infrastructures. Our team have the skills and expertise to support your IT team, customers, and users. We work consultatively with you, truly understanding your requirements and adding value at every stage of the process by simplifying the planning, deployment and management of your digital transformation journey.
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